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To register for CEPAS Recruitment News, Please fill in the online registration form and fax your Business Registration to IELTS CEPAS Management Unit at 2620 0320. Please use the same company name as it appears on your Business/School/Society Registration Certificate. Once, your application is approved, an email containing a login ID and password will be sent to you.

Please note that CEPAS Recruitment News is a free service provided for IELTS Employers - those who recognize IELTS as an international standard for the assessment of English Language Proficiency and accept the IELTS scores of job applicants as one of the criteria in their recruitment processes.

Therefore, once you are approved for CEPAS Recruitment News, you will automatically become an IELTS Employer.


Employer Subscription Form

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To subscribe the CEPAS Recruitment News, I agree to use the IELTS standard as recruitment reference and allow the IELTS CEPAS Management Unit to let the public know that my company recognize IELTS standard as recruitment reference.
I wish to register with the GRS - Global Recognition system(GRS) is a database on the IELTS website that lists organizations who recognize IELTS.
I have read and accept the CEPAS Recruitment News Terms and Conditions